Saturday, February 21, 2009

I now know that first birthdays are actually fun!

Yep, my boy is one today. I know people always say "I can't believe he's one already!" but it's so true. It seems like just yesterday I was having little Jude, not getting ANY sleep, trying to figure out this new little life that is so precious and sweet (....and sometimes frustrating), all the while loving him more than I could ever imagine. Fast forward a year. We've gotten into our little groove that works for us, watching his sweet, funny personality blossom, learning about myself and how to be a good mom...being a mom truly is the greatest privilege God could ever entrust to us.

Today, we had some family and friends come out to help Jude celebrate his very 1st birthday! It was such a fun time!! I will show you some of that, but first, let's flash back to February 21, 2008 for a bit.

Just minutes old and screaming his head off!

He was such a sweet little baby!!

Now, to February 21, 2009...the morning of his birthday, just hanging out in his jammies.

Getting ready for the party. Ross thought it would be fun to suck some helium...
And then he cracked himself up with his funny voice!
Then our guests arrived!

His new favorite (cute) face...

Then, it was time for cake and singing! Happy Birthday to Jude!

He totally didn't know what to do with that little cake. He just looked at it for awhile like "I don't think I can have this!"

Some taste testing...

He finally got it when I cut him a piece. "Oh, I CAN eat this!!"

Yep, he shoveled a lot in.

The aftermath.

Then it was time to open gifts...I think we were more excited than he was.

This was so funny. I opened one of his cards and there was money inside. So, I thought I'd let him have it to see what he'd do with it and he just kept looking at it and turning it over and over. So funny! He seemed to love it as much as us grownups do. :)

The Fergus clan.
Some pictures of the family...

The Ferguses

The Vaughns, Tillmans, Ferguses, Tuell, Harrison and Martineau

And Jude got a big boy car seat!!!! So, naturally, we put him in it...

He loves it!

Happy birthday, my sweet boy. I will always cherish this first year, and all the years to come.

And of course I can't thank everyone enough for all the wonderful things Jude received, and to those few who helped make this party extra fun. I have such great family and friends! I love you guys!

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Stacy said...

Hi B! Thank you so much for blogging and keeping us (me) posted on the Fergus Family haps!! Even though we're living far away from one another, it helps me stay connected with you!! You and Ross are wonderful parents to sweet's great to see y'all had a wonderful family gathering for his 1st birthday! Love you lots!!