Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween & Pumpkin Carving

We were lame and didn't really do anything for Halloween. Nope, we didn't even dress our child up. But, at least we carved a pumpkin. Here are pictures from that event,

Jude started to get upset...he wasn't in a good mood

Here is the infamous sad face. I love it, but it's so dang sad!
Happy Halloween from the Fergus family!


Kristen said...

I love the sad face! Lillie has one too and it cracks me up. It usually pops up when she gets in trouble so I have to turn my head so she doesn't see me laughing at her! :) They are so much fun!!

Rebekah Vaughn said...

Brandi, These pictures are so great! Jude is soo cute! By the way I don't think you're lame, We didn't do anything w/ Eli the first two Halloweens. I think this was the first year he half way cared. Cant wait to see yall again!TTYL