Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Basketball, baby!

We went to an ASU basketball game last night, which was Jude's first live sporting event! Our sweet friends, Lisa and Kevin, invited us and we had a blast! Even though we're not big ASU fans, I love basketball...and realized how much I'd missed going to the Grizzlies games. And I still want to make a Tigers game at least once!!!!! Anyway, as for Jude, he actually did really well during the game. He was pretty mellow until the end, then he started to get excited. Maybe it was the [little bit of] Hawaiian Shaved Ice I gave him, hehe. Oh, and the Red Wolves won, too...by a lot! Yay! The other team only scored like 40 points the whole game. Pitiful! I'd like to think it was because we were there. ha.

Here Jude met Howl. I thought he would be scared (a duck puppet on the computer has been known to scare our little one), but he wasn't. I was so proud!

Can you see his top tooth coming in? :)

The Ferguses + Kevin (and some people in the background)

Also, I told Lisa that if I could help it, Jude would be more into basketball than football...but not if his daddy has anything to say about it!


Alethes Ginosko said...

it's all about the football, baby!!


Kevin and Lisa Lawrence said...

Love the pictures:) and we had a blast too! I'm so glad you guys came and that the Red Wolves won. Jude did amazing at the game...guess he's a sports guy!