Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Email subscription and makeovers

Can someone please tell me if my email subscription link thing is working? I thought I'd try to do things that way since many of my thousands of followers (all three of you) forget to even check this thing...which makes me sad! So, if you put your email address in over to the right and click subscribe, you should get a confirmation email with a link to activate it. Then you should receive my posts via email every time I post something new. Who knows if it's working...so, if you do it and it works, please let me know!

Lately I have felt the need to makeover our living space. Not by buying a bunch of new stuff to decorate with, but by organization, purpose and ease. I think organization speaks for itself. My closets and drawers are disorganized, and there is junk just put anywhere. No more! Everything is being cleaned out, junk is being thrown away and I am finding a place for everything. And no more empty nothing spaces in my house! I am putting every space I can to use. Yeah! There are bigger jobs I need to complete, like cleaning out my refrigerator and oven...those will get done eventually, right? Even though it's now technically Summer, I can still call it Spring cleaning!


brandi said...

I just use Google Reader to keep up with all the blogs I read. It's a handy dandy little thing, and also SEARCHABLE, which is great when I read a recipe or something somewhere and don't remember where I saw it. I love it!

I'm trying to get our stuff under control too. I've gotten a few bags of old clothes to give to goodwill, took the coffee table completely out of our Living room (if it's not there we can't pile clutter on it!), reorganized our book shelves, sold some old books to a used book store, cleaned the carpets, and I'm about to head to the upstairs and try to tackle those closets. It's AMAZING how much stuff people end up hoarding without even thinking about it! And we don't have kids! Ha!

Katie said...

Moving helped me to purge every kind of junk I could find. Unfortunately we haven't gotten all the things that I kept organized or even put away yet..