Thursday, June 25, 2009

You thought I forgot about ya...

But I haven't! I just haven't taken ANY pictures. Still sad about the lens. Yes, it's been a few months. But I'm still sad nonetheless! Enough about that lens. I am sure you are tired of hearing about it. Anyway, life has been going on. I have been stressed and now at a place of peace, so I thought I should write when I'm in a peaceful place...otherwise the post might have been something like this-- "I hate people....and other things too. Kiss my butt, I'm done with everything." Of course I don't feel that way now, thank God, but I was not in a good place just a few weeks ago. With all that being said, I took some pictures of Jude yesterday. Not with my nice camera, but my crappy point and shoot that will only take photos outside. Here is Jude, at 16 months old. He's a walking, talking, toddler machine! So much has changed in the time since I wrote last, and I am loving it! This stage is so much more fun than the last. But it's also harder. Now we are doing more training than ever, more spanking...that's just the way it is with those toddlers! Always testing their parents. I love being a mom. ;)

Here are the pics I took of my boy. Enjoy!He loves playing with sticks!

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Stacy said...

okay, so i'm laughing b/c you took such sweet pictures of jude and you're talking about spanking can you possible by spanking while looking at that adorable face!!! ha!!! =)