Friday, May 15, 2009

No more lens

My step dad took his lens back, which is why I haven't posted any new pics lately. I have been having major withdrawals from not being able to take photos. Hopefully someday soon I can replace my lens!

However, I do have round 2 of photos from the park that Ross and I both took that I want to post. The problem I'm having now is that I want to enhance them, but the free editing program I'm using just isn't cutting it. Anyone know how to get Photoshop (Elements) for free (and legally, lol)?? It's going on my list of things to get, but it's behind several other things, so it'll be awhile.

Once I get the lens (and maybe Photoshop), there will be tons more activity on here! :)


brandi said...

free and LEGAL? not happening, sweets! have you tried picasa?

Stacy said...

you are making me laugh!! you sound like you just lost your best friend, the lens!! =)