Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shawn is ONE!

This past Saturday, Ross, Jude and I traveled the 70+ miles to Eads to celebrate Shawn's first birthday! Here are some pics from the event...

Shawn is a walking boy now! He needs to teach his cousin Jude how to walk...
Parents of the birthday boy
Shawn was rolled out on his plastic 4 wheeler

Yep, his mom made him wear that hat
Shoveling it in!
Mmm, yummy ice cream

Super awesome presents!
Jude and his Pap Paw

Pictures of the guests...

Pap Paw with the boys!
Awww, so sweet.

Happy 1st birthday Shawn!! We were so glad to be able to celebrate with him and our families. It was a super fun time!

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